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What is Puberty?What is Puberty?
Adolescence – Boys and GirlsAdolescence – Boys and Girls
Role of Hormones during Puberty and adolescenceRole of Hormones during Puberty and adolescence
The Growth SpurtThe Growth Spurt
Growing PainsGrowing Pains
Stretch MarksStretch Marks
Developing faster than othersDeveloping faster than others
Friendship factor during adolescenceFriendship factor during adolescence
Peer PressurePeer Pressure
Care for acne (pimples)Care for acne (pimples)
Acne (Pimples)Acne (Pimples)
Perspiration – A Hygiene IssuePerspiration – A Hygiene Issue
Avoiding Body OdourAvoiding Body Odour
Body HairBody Hair